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Super Food Dragon Fruit Bowl

September 11, 2020

If anyone knows me, they know my deep love of smoothies! My love of smoothies has slowly evolved into an equal love of smoothie bowls. They never get old to me because you can change them up and make them a million different ways. 

If you’ve never had dragon fruit, also know as pitaya, you’re missing out! I love pitaya because of its subtle, sweet flavor and the vibrant pink color-it’s seriously gorgeous! This is my go-to after a tough morning workout to replenish and cool me down. And don’t tell anyone, but I snuck some veggies into this delicious super food bowl for even more of a nutritional punch. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

½ cup vanilla almond milk

¼ cup frozen pitaya

½ frozen banana

½ cup cauliflower rice

1 tablespoon cashew butter

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Optional toppings: banana, kiwi, gluten free granola, drizzle of honey or nut butter…anything you like goes! Be creative here, kid! Add all the ingredients (except toppings…because those go on top, duh!) to a high-powered blender, and blend until smooth. Top with whatever toppings you like. Dig in and enjoy

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