Get Fit at Home

October 8, 2019

If you’re anything like me, there are some days when you don’t feel like dragging your tired tail to the gym…but you’re dedicated and you want to get some movement in! This is where the beauty of a home gym comes in. I use the term, “home gym” loosely because honestly, your home gym can be just a spare corner of your bedroom. That’s really all the space you need to house your home gym. 

Since we live in the 21stcentury, there are literally 100s of apps that have designed workouts for at-home use requiring minimal equipment. My #1 go-to app is the Tone It Up app. I’ve been following their program for years and their workouts are short, effective, and can all be done from the comfort of your home. I have also used the BeachBody On-Demand app and Les Mills On Demand. Recently, I stumbled upon the FitOn app, which is totally free (!!!) and actually has a really good selection of workouts that are targeted to your specific goals.

Here are screen grabs of the Tone It Up app (left) and FitOn app (right) that have tons of workouts right on your phone!

Since these apps were designed for use at home, you’ll only need a few pieces of equipment. Here’s what you’ll need:

2 sets of dumbells (a lighter and heavier weight)

A set of exercise bands or “booty bands” for banded leg work

A set of resistance tubes

A yoga mat (although this isn’t fully necessary if you find getting down on carpet is comfy enough for you)

That’s really it, but if you want to get fancy, you can also opt for:

A kettlebell


A medicine ball

A foam roller (this is awesome for working out sore muscles)

A container to keep it all stowed and put away when you’re not using it

With just these few items, as long as you’re a casual gym-goer, which most of us are (granted, if you’re a body builder, you probably are gonna need access to more gym toys!) you can do almost any at home workout, and it will be just as effective as working out in the gym. I personally keep my gym membership because I’m much more likely to stick to a routine if I’m paying monthly for it. It’s a lot easier to put off working out in your home gym but it’s still so nice to have on those days I can’t bear to drag myself to the gym! We all have those days, but I know I will feel better, mentally and physically, if I get some sort of movement in, even if it is just in my spare bedroom for 30 minutes.

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