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Low-Carb Raspberry Lemonade Refresher

July 25, 2019

Is there anything that screams, “SUMMER!!!” more than sitting on a patio drinking a refreshing drink? I think not! This is the perfect little drink to whip up anytime you need something light, fruity, and refreshing. It’s basically like grown-up Kool-Aid, but it’s totally clean; made only from whole foods and no sugar! Bonus points if you serve this with raspberry ice cubes to your guests! It’s really the simplest touches that take ordinary things and turn them into total show stoppers!

Raspberry Lemonade Refresher (Serves 4)

4 cups water

¼ cup fresh or frozen raspberries

4 medium sized lemons

Liquid stevia (or you can use honey/maple syrup if you’re opposed to non-nutritive sweeteners. However, this modification will, obviously, make this drink no longer low-carb/sugar free!)

Combine the water and raspberries in a high-speed blender and quickly blend for a few seconds until the raspberries are completely pulverized. Juice all 4 lemons and add the juice to the blender. Add 3 droppers of liquid stevia. You can add more or less depending on desired sweetness level. I like mine on the sweeter side. If for some reason your liquid stevia doesn’t come with a dropper, start with 1/2 teaspoon and add more from there. If you use honey or maple syrup, I would start with a tablespoon and adjust as needed. Quickly blend everything one more time, for just a few seconds. Serve over ice.

To make raspberry ice cubes:

I have a silicone, oversized ice cube tray that I picked up for a few dollars from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Add a raspberry or two to each square and simply fill with water and let freeze. So easy, but everyone will be so impressed with your ingenious idea! 

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