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How to Elevate Your Look with Pops of Color

July 24, 2019

I’m honestly not sure where the term, “pops of color,” came from, but I know it’s been around for a really long time. In my opinion, it’s one of the easiest ways to take an everyday look and add visual interest to your outfit. Yes, when done correctly, monochromatic looks are incredibly chic. Yes, the Little Black Dress will always be beautifully classic and a wardrobe staple, but adding in a pop of color, whether it be with a great pair of shoes or statement earrings, will add so much to the entire aesthetic. It’s how to take classic looks, but add in some fun. It’s the easiest way to add personality into any outfit, and it’s also extremely cost-effective. You can have a classic, neutral wardrobe, but punch it up in a variety of ways with brightly colored, inexpensive jewelry items, purses, and even a few colorful shoes! 

What can I use to add in color?

Accessories are the way to go! The easiest, and most obvious, way to add color is with the use of jewelry. I tend to gravitate towards brightly colored statement earrings first, then necklaces. I personally stay away from bracelets and rings as they don’t make as much of an impact, but that’s all personal preference. I’ve seen many people wear brightly colored bracelets and they look adorable, but I think you can get more mileage out of necklaces and earrings, and therefore, more bang for you buck. I also have a few purses and shoes in fun and different colors that I can pair with my more muted outfits. They certainly add a touch of fun to what would normally be just a run of the mill outfit.

How can I style pops of color?

When incorporating pops of color, it’s not just pick any color that’s not already in your outfit and call it good. There is a little thought involved. For example, I wouldn’t want to wear a baby yellow dress and pair it with neon green stilettoes. The colors still need to “go,” if that makes sense. You want them to be in the same field or category of color. For example, pastels with pastels, bold with bolds, jewel tone with jewels tones. Make sure the pop of color compliments (and not competes or clashes with) the main color. Even if you’re not a color expert, 99% of people can tell if it looks good or not, so trust your judgment. 

Can you give me some examples of how to style pops of color?

Why, yes! Yes, I can! Below I’ve styled a few outfits and explained how I incorporated pops of color.

This is by far, my most favorite look. It makes me look and feel at least 10x cooler than I actually am! The bold purple shoes really complements the sassy leather/gold/leopard combination I have going on up top. Nothing would be “wrong” about wearing a neutral shoe here, but look at how much more personality was added with this fun pair of shoes.

This is an example of how to do a pop of color when there is already a lot of color going on in an outfit. Here, my pop of color is, obviously, found in my earrings. This is already an extremely bright dress, but wearing a turquoise earring helps to break up the boldness of the dress and adds in another layer of interest. I kept the shoes simple with just a nude, suede, block heel sandal since there is already plenty of color going on in the rest of the outfit.

Here’s an example of something that I would totally wear to work. A simple navy dress paired with my leopard flats, which in case you didn’t know, leopard is a NEUTRAL! All on it’s own, this would be a classic and adorable look, but adding in a fun yellow necklace elevated this plain Jane dress. It took the look from classic to fun with one simple tweak.

This is a fun, night out on the town outfit. This dress alone already had a little sass with the pom-poms on the sleeve, but adding in a hot pink strappy heel and a brightly colored statement earring added a whole new level of sass and fun. This whole look just looks like it’s ready for a good time! I added in an up-close of the earring so you can get a better look at it. The colors in the earrings perfectly COMPLEMENT the shoes…they’re not exact, but we don’t want to be matchy-matchy anyway! Say it with me: DON’T BE MATCHY-MATCHY! That’s a very 90’s thing to do, and we’re not going back to the 90s. We’re trying to evolve here, people!

And finally, here’s a bonus look for free, just because we’re all friends here. This is literally the most basic of looks…jean shorts and a plain, white-T. However, wearing a pair of blush pink tennis shoes and pink flower earrings, adds just a touch of interest and polish. Also, I added this fun purse that is it’s own pop of colors with the brightly colored tassels. These few little additions totally pull this easy, breezy look together! It’s perfectly comfortable and I’ve been running around town in this look all day!

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