Three Kitchen Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

July 17, 2019

When it comes to kitchen tools/gadgets/appliances, the choices are literally endless. There is a tool for any act that might need to be performed while cooking, and trust me, I have drawers and drawers full of neat gadgets and contraptions that promise to help me out in the kitchen. I’ve also probably donated a few drawers worth of gadgets to thrift stores because they did nothing in my kitchen except collect dust. However, I’ve noticed there’s a small handful of trusty tools that I reach for time and time again. Today, I’m sharing 3 tools that I use frequently in my kitchen and ANY kitchen can benefit from adding these to your gadget drawer. I say “ANY kitchen” because, for example, I use my lemon squeezer daily, but maybe you don’t like citrus, so that would most likely sit in your drawer. Another example is the spiralizer. While a really cool concept, that was a tool I owned but eventually got rid of. I don’t like zoodles. There. I said it. I tried but I just can’t get into them. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend a spiralizer because mine was eventually given away, but some will claim that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. All 3 of these tools that I recommend below can be used by anyone regardless of your food preferences. Again, these are just TOOLS. They’re not kitchen necessities or essentials, like a great set of quality knives, but they’re great additions if you’re looking to upgrade a few things and make your time in the kitchen a little bit more efficient.

Bench Scraper: This is something that’s relatively new to me, but I already have no idea how I went so long without it. It’s actually a tool that’s used a ton in traditional baking/professional bakeries, and has a large variety of uses. I did use my bench scraper to help me perfectly cut up a pan of brownies. I have never cut my brownies so neatly, evenly, and beautifully until I used this scraper. However, I’m not exactly a daily baker, but instead, I use it in my every day cooking. In the past, after chopping a bunch of veggies, I would just use my knife to scrape up the little chopped up pieces to put in the bowl or pan. Not only does this way of doing things dull your knife over time (Oops!) but it would also take me several “scrapes” to pick up all the pieces (further reducing the life of my knife!) Using a bench scraper, I can pick up all the little pieces of chopped up food in one easy swoop while sparing my knife! 

Microplane: I don’t know how anyone lives without a microplane. A microplane is the perfect little handheld grating tool. I use it for grating up fresh parmesan cheese, zesting lemon, limes, and organges, grating any whole spices, and doing chocolate shavings on top of desserts. My favorite two way to use a micorplane though is to use it for garlic and peppers. I love the taste of garlic and the spice of peppers, but I don’t want to bite into a big chunk of either one. The microplane saves me from that, but still lets me enjoy their yummy flavors.

Can drainer: I’ve had this little kitchen helper for a number of years and it gets frequent use. Whenever I open up a can of vegetables or fruit, I never knew the best way to get the liquid out. Do you use a strainer, do you do the lid thing where you kind of cover the top with the already-open lid and slowly drain the liquid, but inevitably lose a few pieces of food from the can? With this little tool, you simply place it on top the can, flip it, and all the liquid drains out without losing a bite of the food contained inside. It’s a miracle. So simple, but so useful! 

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