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Daily Look Box Review

February 8, 2019

IMG_5276*Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored by Daily Look. I paid for the box with my own money and all opinions are my own.

I’ve never been one to try out boxed subscription services. More than likely, you’re just going to get a box of junk that you don’t really need or want, and overall, it seems like a waste of money. However, when I heard of Daily Look, I really liked some of the clothes that I saw on social media and I decided to try it out for myself. Also, I was just curious to how it all works and if my stylist would really choose outfits that I liked and would actually wear.

The cost of the box is $40, which you pay upfront. If you buy any of the items, you can apply that $40 to the cost of the pieces that you are keeping. First, you take a thorough style quiz, enter in what sizes you normally wear, as well as your body type, pick a delivery date, and then in a few days, your own personal stylist will send you a curated selection of clothes based on looks you liked on your quiz. If you have an event coming up or want to try a particular style of something, there is a place where you can leave a note to your stylist asking them to pick something suitable to have in your selection. One thing I really like about Daily Look is you get to see a sneak peak of what they have chosen for you, and you can green light the items in your box before they send them to you. For example, I vetoed a dolman sleeve shirt because I already have a few of them, as well as an off-the-shoulder top because I don’t particularly care for that style. However, I didn’t know what was being sent as a replacement for those items until my box came, so I still had a few surprises waiting for me. Also, I requested that my box be delivered on January 21st so that I could possibly have something new to wear to a cookbook tour that I was attending in Atlanta on the 23rd. However, I didn’t realize that January 21st was MLK day so mail wouldn’t be running because of the holiday. In addition to that, my box didn’t even arrive until January 23rd (and I had already traveled to Atlanta when the mail was delivered) so just because you pick a delivery date doesn’t mean that your items will arrive on that day. It could, in fact, be a few days after the chosen delivery date. I was glad I didn’t bank on something to wear from the box, because if I had, I would’ve been out of luck. If you are hoping for something specific to wear to an event, I recommend scheduling your box delivery at least a week before you need it to ensure you will actually have it in time.

If you want to see the looks my stylist, Diane, chose for me, go to my instagram where I did a review of each piece in detail in my stories or highlight tab! (

In my box, I received 7 total items. You can see a collage of screen grabs from my Insta story below that show all the pieces. In the end, I only ended up keeping one of the items, a sleeveless lace tank, that was $79. After my $40 initial fee was applied, I had to pay another $39. Also, shipping is free both ways, so it doesn’t cost anything to send the items back. You just drop the returning items off at your closest UPS store.

My thoughts on Daily Look box:

  • My stylist sent pieces that are good, neutral, basic, closet staples. They were all great layering pieces and could be worn a variety of different ways and were good choices for building a closet. Plus, it’s just fun to get a box full of clothes in the mail!
  • For me, personally, I already have a good base of classic everyday pieces in my closet, so a lot of the pieces I felt like I already had something similar, or a few things, like the bell-sleeved cropped sweater, just weren’t my style. Based on my style quiz, I tend to lean more toward preppy, feminine, and classic. However, I don’t really feel like any of the pieces (besides the top I kept) really fit that specific criteria.
  • I felt like the prices were a little steep. I generally like to keep my tops somewhere in the $30-$50 range, and most of these were around $60-$80. The cardigan, the priciest item in the box, while it was soft and amazing quality, was $139. Yes, you can wear it forever because it’s not going out of style, but I can’t justify spending that much for a basic gray cardi. I did feel like the pair of jeans, priced at $88, was a reasonable price. I find jeans to be an investment item, so I don’t have any problem paying that much or even more for a good pair of jeans.
  • I think Daily Look is good if you don’t enjoy shopping for yourself, if you are unsure of how to build a wardrobe, or if you are just looking for new and interesting items/brands. However, I think I will cancel my subscription because the prices of the items were a little too steep, for me, personally. I enjoy styling my own outfits by mixing high end with bargains. I also enjoy doing something classic/basic mixed with more of a statement/trendy piece, and these were mostly basics, which my closet is already well stocked with.

IMG_5278I think Daily Look can be a great option for some people, especially if you’re just looking for something different and fun! I hope this helps you decide if you’d like to give it a shot or not!

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    July 29, 2019 at 7:35 am

    Looks pretty comfy and lovely!!!

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